Young Engineers

Chair: Jeff Gaspar Vice Chair: Danny Zepeda Secretary: Jana Pickett

The Young Engineers Development Subcommittee abbreviated as YEDS is a subcommittee of the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee (PCIC) of the IEEE. The subcommittee was formed with its charter to, “promote participation in PCIC technical conference and provide personal professional growth opportunities.”


In 1994, the subcommittee existed as an ad hoc committee under the leadership of Christine Kent. The Young Engineers Development Subcommittee (YEDS) became a full PCIC subcommittee in 1996 chaired by Amy Frere.

Why was this Subcommittee Created?

The PCIC Technical Conference is an annual event where industrial technology leaders present/exchange electrical applications technology relating to the petroleum and chemical industry. The conference not only helps in sharing knowledge but also helps in personal professional development.

Young engineers attending this conference realized its potential and decided to form a subcommittee with the intention of creating a ‘place’ where the newest and younger conference attendees could meet to address the question ‘What is PCIC?’, plan their conference agenda, meet other new attendees, provide an avenue for the newer attendees to meet experienced PCIC attendees, etc.

The primary goals of YEDS are to:

  • Provide a forum for Young Engineers and newer conference attendees to learn about the conference objectives and benefits.
  • Provide them with information regarding the technical conference and learning opportunities gained from conference attendance and participation.
    • Staying tuned to industry trends.
    • Sharing of ideas with industry people.
    • Opportunity to author/co-author technical paper(s) and attend tutorial(s).
  • Provide a forum for newer attendees to meet one another and form alliances with peers and mentors early in the conference week.
  • Provide training to new/newer attendees regarding the importance they play in representing their company affiliation and how they can fulfill a leadership role within PCIC. Stress how they can personally impact safety and profits within their organizations.
  • Compile yearly conference survey results; provide report of results and share key learnings to improve future conferences.

Myron Zucker Travel Grant

The Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference (PCIC) mission is to provide an international forum for the exchange of electrical applications technology relating to the petroleum and chemical industry, to sponsor appropriate IEEE standards activity for that industry, and to provide opportunity for professional development.

PCIC has arranged with the IEEE Industrial Applications Society (IAS) to sponsor up to four Co-op/Intern Students or recent graduates to attend the next Conference through the Myron Zucker Travel Grant.

The Myron Zucker Travel Grant which is administered by the Young Engineers Development Subcommittee (YEDS) provides the following benefits for the winning recipients:

  • $600 travel allowance
  • Free Hotel Registration.
  • Free Conference Registration as a Student.
  • One Free Tutorial

In order to be considered for the program the applicants shall:

  • Be an engineering Co-op / intern student, or have graduated less than 2 years ago from a recognized university, college or technical school.
  • Be 21 years of age or older.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Submit, with the application form, a 200-word essay describing the importance of attending the PCIC technical conference.
  • Be an Intern or be involved as a co-op worker for a company with one or more members who are full conference registrants; one of whom will vouch for the applicant on the application form.
  • Be a student member of IEEE.
  • Become a member of the Young Engineers Development Subcommittee (YEDS) by attending the PCIC Orientation Breakfast and YEDS Luncheon.
  • Attend the Monday & Wednesday Luncheons.
  • Attend the general program meeting, technical paper presentations and one sub-committee meeting.

Applicants who are presenting papers at the conference or otherwise require full Registration are not eligible for the Myron Zucker Travel Grant as the program will only pay for student registrations.

The recipient employers must be willing to pay the applicant their normal salary while they are at the conference, and only one recipient per company will be allowed.

The selection of the Myron Zucker Travel Grant recipients will be selected based on the quality of the submitted essays.

Applications including the mandatory essays are required no later than July 15. The applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications by August 1.

Download the application here