PCIC Papers Supporting Documents

The purpose for this site is to provide supplemental files to PCIC Papers that would not otherwise be electronically available. IEEE Transactions papers are available on the IEEE Xplore.


PCIC 2007-1 “An Update to the Spreadsheet Electrical Reliability Model” – Supporting shareware described in the paper

Brief Word Document describing these files

2007 Spreadsheet Model (7.7 MB)

2007 Spreadsheet Model of the Gold Book Network

2007 Spreadsheet Model of the proposed Alternate Network

2007 Spreadsheet Model Operating Manual


PCIC 2000-2, “IMPROVEMENTS IN MODELING AND EVALUATION OF ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEM RELIABILITY”, John Propst, Dan Doan – Supporting shareware described in the paper:

Reliability Model (model2000-2pcic.zip)

Model Operating Manual (opmanpcic.pdf)

Electrical System Evaluation Spreadsheet (SystemEval_20000210.xls)

Rome IAS/PCIC Paper 63.4, ” EVALUATING AGING ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS”, John Propst, Terry Griffin –Supporting documentation described in the paper.

Appendix B “Application Guide for the condition Assessment of Aged MV Switchgear”