Marine Industry

Chair: Richard Paes  Vice Chair: Kevin Peterson  Secretary: Chris Heron

The Marine Industry Subcommittee (MIS) provides an opportunity to expand the technical transfer of information and standards between the petroleum industry and the marine industry. The MIS will facilitate the use and understanding of the currently issued standards such as IEEE-45 and IEEE 1580 as well as API RP14F and FZ. MIS also provides for the necessary working groups to keep the IEEE standards current and develop new standards as needed.

Marine Industry Standards Working Groups

The following Standards Working Groups are sponsored by the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee and operate under the Marine Industry Subcommittee:

Std Number Title Chair
45 Electrical Installations on Shipboard Moni Islam
P1580 Draft Recommended Practice for Marine Cable for use on Shipboard and Fixed or Floating Marine Platforms Rudy Bright
P1662 Guide for the design and application of Power Electronics in Electrical Power Systems on Marine Ships Yuri Khersonsky
P1709 Recommended Practice for 1 to 35 KV Medium Voltage DC Power Systems on Ships Yuri Khersonsky
P80005 High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) Systems Kevin Peterson

Working group members can access working drafts of the standards by clicking here. To obtain password to the site please send e-mail request to Paul Bishop.

IEEE Electric Ship Technologies Symposium (ESTS)

ESTS 2013 will be held on 22-24 April in Alexandria, VA USA. Click here for more information.