Chair: Rick Bried   Vice Chair: Johnny Wynn  Secretary: Bill Stewart

The Historical Subcommittee is responsible for gathering, holding on to and maintaining the history of PCIC. While maintaining the current history of PCIC, these last few years have been spent organizing and filling in the historical voids that existed.

Through the generosity of Tom Shaw Jr. and Gene Fagan, the Historical Subcommittee has Conference Records that date back to 1966. After Tom Shaw’s father passed away, Tom donated his father’s Conference Records to PCIC for the years 1966 – 1981. Gene Fagan donated Conference Records for the years of 1982 – 1986. Prior to 1966, PCIC conference papers were loose (one would pick up papers he was interested in at the conference) – not bound as we now know them or in the 3-ring binder that was used from 1966 – 1981 (thanks to Jay Stewart for that piece of information).