Papers Review

Chair: Brant Cassimere Vice Chair: Paul Sullivan Associate Editors: Miriam Blazowski, Mike Harbison, Ryan Maynus, Jackie Sanders, Brant Cassimere

The role of the Papers Review Subcommittee is to review both the technical content of the PCIC papers, and the quality and content of the oral presentations at the conference. The subcommittee has a formal procedure for conducting these reviews and evaluations. As a result of this process, the subcommittee recommends to the PCIC Executive Subcommittee the six papers for PCIC Best Paper, PCIC Second Best Paper, PCIC Third Best Paper, and three PCIC Honorable Mention Paper awards, which are presented at the PCIC conference the following year. The subcommittee also uses the review process to select papers to recommend for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications and IEEE Industry Applications Magazine.

Get Involved

Calling all PCIC members…If you want to help ensure the PCIC technical program has quality papers and be part of the subcommittee that selects the prize papers, then you need to be a paper reviewer. You can volunteer to be a paper reviewer by attending the General Program and Technical Subcommittee meetings during the PCIC conference and volunteering to be a paper reviewer. You can also get involved in the paper review process by creating an account in ScholarOne and indicating your areas of interest. Many IEEE groups use ScholarOne for their paper review process. Once you have a ScholarOne account, you could help influence numerous IEEE papers from a variety of IEEE groups. To create your own ScholarOne account, go here and click on Register Here to get started.