First Time Attendees

What is YEDS? The Young Engineers Development Subcommittee (YEDS) is an administrative subcommittee of the PCIC. Formed in 1996 with a charter to “provide and promote PCIC technical conference and personal professional growth opportunity”, the purpose of YEDS is to focus on the needs of first-time PCIC attendees, regardless of age. YEDS sponsors two major conference activities:


  • PCIC Orientation Breakfast (Monday, September 18 – 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.). First time attendees and others interested in learning more about the PCIC are encouraged to attend the Orientation Breakfast. The program focuses on the history of PCIC, how PCIC functions, how to get involved with PCIC, and enhancing conference awareness. Registration is required. Check the “YEDS Monday PCIC Orientation Breakfast” box on the registration form if you plan to attend.


  • YEDS Luncheon (Tuesday, September 19 – 11:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.). First time attendees are encouraged to attend this luncheon. It focuses on soliciting feedback from participants on how PCIC can better encourage first-time attendee participation, improve professional development through PCIC, and discussing new ideas for future PCIC conferences. Remember to check the “YEDS Tuesday PCIC Luncheon” box on the registration form if you plan to attend.



Survival Guide – For those new to PCIC, the committee publishes a “survival guide”. The guide explains the goal of the conference, the structure, daily events and meetings, dress codes and ways to plan your time to gain the most out of the conference.


Tutorials – PCIC is offering several half-day technical tutorials on Thursday, September 21 after the main conference. First time attendees registered for the full conference are eligible to attend one tutorial at a reduced rate. A second tutorial can be attended at full price. See Tutorials tab for more information on the PCIC Tutorials and requirements to pre-register for tutorials.


On-Line Surveys – PCIC encourages feedback from attendees, and especially our YEDS members. The survey responses are used to ensure that we’re meeting the needs of young engineers, and continuing to add value to personal career development.  Surveys will be available after the conference.