2018 Abstracts submission

The premier international forum for the exchange of electrical technology applications for the petroleum and chemical related industries




65th Annual

PCIC Technical Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio

September 24 – 26, 2018






2018 IEEE/IAS-PCIC Conference Call for Papers

The PCIC is the premier conference for practicing electrical engineers and other professionals that deals with electrical installations in the oil and gas industry. It is highly regarded for providing top quality papers on a variety of relevant subjects aimed at the all-important electrical industry.

Abstracts are being requested on topics related to the practical application of electrical technology, standards, equipment and systems of interest in the petroleum and chemical industries within the scope of the PCIC Technical Subcommittees. All papers are required to bePCIC Presentation First” as original works that have not been previously presented. They will be subject to thorough technical and peer reviews. Papers accepted will be published in the conference record.

The following information must be included with all paper proposals:

  1. Complete all pertinent information on the webpage (See below; Fields with * Are Required).
  2. A maximum of four (4) authors can be entered per paper.
  3. Post your abstract using unformatted text. Copying and pasting bullets or other special formatting may result in less than ideal presentation during the 2018 Technical Program meeting.
  4. Important Notice: An acknowledgement will be sent to confirm receipt of all proposals from this system. If you do not receive this communication, contact Dennis Bogh, PCIC Vice-Chair.


Submission Deadlines:

  • Authors submit abstracts to Technical Program Chair …..…….    September 1, 2017
  • PCIC notifies authors of acceptance status ………………………  October 30, 2017
  • Authors submit finished paper for peer review …………………… January 30, 2018
  • Authors submit final manuscripts for final check…………………   April 01, 2018

Prospective authors are encouraged to attend the 2018 Technical Program meeting on Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 1:00 PM at the Hyatt Regency Calgary to speak on behalf of their proposed paper. Each abstract will be assigned to a specific Technical Subcommittee prior to 2:00PM on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. At that Technical Subcommittee’s meeting prospective authors are again invited to encourage acceptance of their abstract for the Cincinnati Conference next year.

If the paper is accepted, at least one author must register & attend the conference in 2018 to present their paper. Other co-authors attending must also register for the conference.

To Submit a paper abstract Go To: ieeepcic.com/conference/abstract-submission-form/

Conference papers are also evaluated for subsequent publication in either the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications or Industry Applications Magazine. For more information, visit the IEEE/IAS-PCIC website at ieeepcic.com

For Further Information Contact: Dennis Bogh, PCIC Vice-Chair and PCIC Technical Program Chair email: Dennis.Bogh@ieee.org


Scope of the IEEE/IAS – PCIC Technical Subcommittees

The PCIC technical subcommittees solicit technical papers to enable the exchange of electrical applications technology related to the petroleum and chemical industry.

Chemical Subcommittee

Scope: Technical papers related to the application, installation and/or operational experiences as they relate to electrical technology for the general chemical industry.

Electrochemical Subcommittee

Scope: Technical papers that grow and preserve the knowledge base used in the electrolytic production of metals and chemicals     Note: this year the Subcommittee is also accepting papers with emphasis on “Innovative and Emerging Technologies” such as LNG.

General Program Subcommittee

Scope: Technical papers of broad interest to the petroleum and chemical industry.

International Subcommittee

Scope: Technical papers related to petroleum and chemical industry applications outside of North America.

Marine Industry Subcommittee

Scope: Technical papers related to ships, barges and other floating structures used in the petrochemical industry

Production Subcommittee

Scope: Technical papers related to onshore and offshore, fixed and floating drilling, well head, and production facilities.

Refining Subcommittee

Scope: Technical papers related to petroleum refineries and petrochemical facilities.

Safety Subcommittee

Scope: Technical papers related to all aspects of electrical safety affecting the petrochemical industry.

Transportation Subcommittee

Scope: Technical papers related to pipelines, pumping stations and terminals as well as other means of transporting oil and gas.