Myron Zucker Travel Grant

Are you an Engineer-In-Training/Junior Engineer or a soon-to-be graduate? Are you looking to grow your career by learning about advanced technology and network with professionals in the Petroleum and Chemical Industry?

Don’t worry, IEEE has got you covered!

The Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference’s (PCIC) mission is to provide an international forum for the exchange of electrical applications technology related to the petroleum and chemical industry, to sponsor appropriate IEEE Standards activity for that industry, and to provide opportunity for professional development.
Every year, PCIC arranges with the IEEE Industrial Applications Society (IAS) to sponsor a few Co-op/Interns, students or recent graduates to attend the Conference through the Myron Zucker Travel Grant.
The Myron Zucker Travel Grant is administered by the Young Engineers Development Subcommittee (YEDS) and provides the following benefits for the winning recipients:
• Free Conference Registration
• Free Hotel Registration
• $600 Travel Allowance
• One Free Tutorial

For IEEE IAS PCIC 2022 Denver requirements and application form, click here
Submit application by July 31st, 2022.

For any questions or concerns, contact We look forward to seeing you there!

We continue to monitor COVID-19 situation and are taking precautionary measures. We are staying optimistic and if anything changes, we will communicate it with our applicants and winners right away.

Be safe; stay healthy.

YEDS Executive committee