Subcommittee Meetings

The PCIC Technical Subcommittees solicit and review technical papers that support the exchange of electrical applications technology related to the petroleum and chemical industry.  If you are not presently a member of one of these subcommittees, we also invite you to attend one of the Tuesday afternoon sessions that are of interest and to join as a member.

PCIC registered guests are invited to attend any of these meetings, with the exception of those note in BOLD text which are restricted to specific groups or subcommittee members.
Function Location Name Room Times

Sunday, Sept. 25

Finance/Facilities Plz Governors 14 9:00-12:00
Awards Nominating Plz Governors 15 8:00-9:00
Advisory & Awards Plz Governors 15 9:00-12:00
Codes & Regs Plz Governors 14 15:30-17:00
Tutorials Plz Governors 15 16:00-17:00

Tuesday, Sept. 27

Standards Subcommittee Twr Ballroom 1 12:45-14:15
Safety Subcommittee Twr Ballroom 1 16:00-17:30
Transportation Subcommittee Plz Ballroom E 14:15-16:00
Marine Subcommittee Twr Windows   14:15-16:00
Electrochem & ET Subcommittee Twr Majestic   14:15-16:00
International Subcommittee Twr Columbine   14:15-16:00
Production Subcommittee Twr Ballroom 2 14:15-16:00
Refining Subcommittee Twr Vail   14:15-16:00
Chemical Subcommittee Twr Ballroom 1 14:15-16:00
Mining Committee Twr Directors J 14:15-16:00
IT Subcommittee Twr Court A 16:00-17:15

Wednesday, Sept 28

Local Committee/ExComittee/Closing Twr Windows   17:00-19:00

Thursday, Sept. 29

PCIC Annual Business Meeting Plz Governors 15 8:00-9:00
PCIC Executive Subcommittee Plz Governors 15 9:00-17:00