Social Calendar

Conference attendees work hard during the day, but after the technical sessions conclude there’s time to unwind, reconnect with old friends, and network through after-hours socializing. PCIC Social Events are open at no additional charge to all attendees that have registered for the full Conference along with their guests.

​Make sure to check your Social Calendar and the Conference App for updated information.

If you are hosting an event or a hospitality suite, please review the PCIC Rules for Vendor Etiquette.

PCIC Monday Night Conference Social

Sponsored by the Local Committee, this is PCIC’s premier social event. You will not want to miss this opportunity to meet friends and colleagues in this relaxed, elegant cocktail setting, held in the Marriott Rivercenter Main Ballroom. It should be noted that the PCIC Conference Social is intended to be a semi-formal event, rather than a business meeting, and as such it is encouraged that men wear a jacket and tie, and that women wear cocktail or semi-formal attire.

Social Events

These often long-running events are hosted by vendors for the enjoyment of PCIC attendees and guests, and are non-commercial in nature. Social Events information is provided below in both Excel and *pdf formats.

PCIC Rules for Vendor Etiquette

  1. Scope
    The purpose of these rules is to maintain the PCIC at a high professional level. Vendor participation is encouraged and welcomed to emphasize the technical and professional aspects of the PCIC Conference. Conduct shall be in accordance with the following to prevent any conflicts with the PCIC Conference program.
  2. Pre-Conference Advertising
    a) Vendors are encouraged to send email invitations to potential PCIC Conference attendees for vendor-sponsored functions such as dinners, receptions and hospitality suites, provided these functions meet the requirements of this section and such email notifications do not include advertising of products and services within the same notification.
    b) Vendors are permitted to send email notifications of tutorials and technical papers the vendor is participating in, provided such email notifications do not include advertising of products and services within the same notification. The email notification should also include information about the PCIC Conference, including the PCIC Conference logo, dates and location, and shall include the title, paper number and full list of authors as indicated in the PCIC Conference technical program.
  3. Hospitality Rooms
    a) Vendor hospitality rooms are allowed and are a means of entertaining customers, making and renewing acquaintances, and for commercial discussions on an individual basis.
    b) All vendor personnel participating in the vendor’s hospitality room(s) shall be registered as attendees of the PCIC Conference.
    c) The principal member responsible for the vendor’s hospitality room(s) shall be a member of IEEE in good standing and a member of the Industry Applications Society (IAS) of which the PCIC is a Committee.
    d) Vendors shall not receive guests to hospitality rooms during official PCIC Conference program hours, including the time set aside for PCIC events such as technical meetings, subcommittee meetings, banquets, luncheons, social functions, or like affairs.
    e) At least one-half hour before official PCIC Conference affairs, vendors shall close their hospitality room(s) to guests, including those already present. The room(s) shall not reopen until such PCIC Conference affairs are officially closed.
    f) An attempt shall be made to close all hospitality room(s) by a reasonable hour so as not to interfere with the following day’s program.
    g) To provide a more pleasing and professional appearance, hospitality room identification will be listed by the Local Conference Committee in the Registration area. An identifying sign will be provided by the Local Conference Committee for use at the hospitality room location. All signs are to be returned to the Local Conference Committee at the end of the PCIC Conference.
    h) Literature and products for demonstration and discussion on a personal and individual oriented basis in hospitality room(s) much be consistent with the technical communication objectives of the PCIC Conference.
    i) All vendors that are to have a hospitality room(s) open to general attendance shall give prior notification to the Local Conference Committee, as suite assignments within the PCIC Conference hotel is to be managed by the Local Conference Committee.
    j) All vendors that are to have a hospitality room(s) open to general attendance shall have a representative attend the Pre-Conference Vendor Meeting.
  4. Vendor Off-Site Entertainment
    a) Vendor luncheons, social functions, and other vendor coordinated activities shall not conflict with the times allotted to the official Conference program, and official PCIC Conference luncheons, banquets, and social functions.
    b) At no time during the PCIC Conference (Monday 8:00 am through Wednesday 5:00 pm) shall any company (including subsidiaries) take more than 25 registrants (not including guests, PCIC Emeritus, visiting dignitaries, or host company personnel) away from the PCIC Conference hotel(s) for any purpose.
  5. Commercial Advertising and Conduct
    a) No commercial displays, including signs, posters, banners, etc. shall be displayed on common Conference premises.
    b) Group oriented displays of commercial equipment or product presentations will not be allowed outside vendor hospitality rooms.
    c) Commercial products shall be confined to hospitality rooms in order to emphasize the official technical nature of the Conference.
    d) Commercial literature shall be distributed only in hospitality rooms.
    e) Commercial/promotional literature shall not be included in Conference attendee registration packets. Logos and names of contributing companies are permitted as approved by the Conference Chair.
  6. Delivery of Flyers to Hotel Rooms
    a) Distribution of material to PCIC attendees’ hotel rooms will be done only by the hotel staff.
    b) The Local Conference Committee is tasked to administer this activity based on the Local Committee guide.
  7. Non-Compliance Penalty
    Vendors who violate the requirements of this section may be subject to one or more of the following penalties, to be decided by the PCIC Advisory & Awards (A&A) Subcommittee:
    a) Vendor removed from consideration for Conference hospitality rooms.
    b) Vendor removed from consideration for Conference contribution role.
    c) Vendor authors removed from consideration for future technical paper selection.