Russell W. Mills Award

PCIC Award Nomination and Selection Procedure
revised: January 2018


To recognize outstanding dedication and service to furthering the objectives of PCIC. This award is to recognize outstanding achievement and is not necessarily awarded every year.

Nominated by (PCIC Subcommittee): Advisory & Awards Subcommittee, Approved by A&A

Selection Criteria:

  1. Outstanding dedication and service to furthering the objectives of PCIC through long term active participation and leadership within the PCIC community.


  1. Previous recipients not eligible

Type of Award (Plaque, Framed Certificate):

  1. Large Framed Certificate provided by PCIC Awards Nominating Subcommittee
  2. Award recipient and guest(s) are invited to sit at the designated award recipient tables
  3. Award recipient may request additional guest tickets to attend the PCIC Conference Annual Awards Luncheon

Presentation: PCIC Conference Annual Awards Luncheon by the PCIC Chair

Award Recipient Acceptance Speech: Yes, 5 minutes

Nominating Committee Members:

  1. PCIC Advisory & Awards Subcommittee

Nomination & Selection Process:

  1. The Advisory & Awards Subcommittee Chair solicits nominations (using the nomination form) from the Advisory & Awards Subcommittee in December ahead of the next PCIC Winter Meeting.
  2. The Advisory & Awards Subcommittee Chair prepares a list of the submitted nominees to be reviewed at the annual PCIC Winter Meeting.
  3. The Advisory & Awards Subcommittee reviews, selects and approves the final award recipient at its meeting during the annual Winter Meeting.
  4. The PCIC Advisory & Awards Subcommittee Chair will announce award recipients at the PCIC Executive Subcommittee meeting at the annual Winter Meeting.

Recommended Candidates Submitted to:  Not applicable

How will award recipient be notified:

The PCIC Chair notifies the successful candidate, after approval by the PCIC Advisory & Awards Subcommittee.

Nomination Form: