Operating Subcommittees

Advisory & Awards

Chair: Jim Bowen

As a subcommittee of the Executive Subcommittee, A&A is responsible for providing leadership and direction to the PCIC organization. It is to promote recognition of the accomplishments of PCIC members through various awards. When requested, it is to study specific issues and provide advice to the Executive Subcommittee. The member are listed here: https://ieeepcic.com/about-pcic/

Awards Nominating

Chair:  Jacqueline Morris

Vice Chair: Rebecca Rama  

Secretary: Jessica Kuehn

The Awards Nominating subcommittee is responsible for identifying PCIC contributors qualified for all levels of IEEE awards, to facilitate processing of nomination submittals, and to coordinate PCIC awards preparations. Click here for a history of past PCIC Award recipients. A copy of the Awards Nominating Subcommittee Procedures and Policies document can be found here.

You can nominate yourself or recommend a potential candidate to the subcommittee. Use the PCIC Links page to get complete details and forms for IEEE and IAS Awards. The PCIC Members list identifies Senior Members and Fellows to help locate references needed for the Senior Member upgrade process. Click here to view more information on the various awards.

Codes & Regulations

Chair: Will McBride

Vice Chair: Derrick Robey

Secretary: Josiah McNulty

The Codes & Regulations Subcommittee provides a forum to keep PCIC members informed of activities by regulatory agencies that affect the petroleum and chemical industry. In addition, the subcommittee develops support for voting positions on NEC proposals or comments for IEEE representatives on NFPA Code Making Panels.

The latest documents are hosted here:



Chair: Leo Berg   

Vice Chair: William Lockley

Vice Chair: Daleep Mohla

The Emeritus Subcommittee’s mission is to foster continued participation of PCIC Conference attendees who have retired one or more times, but still have the burning desire to stay involved in their profession. The subcommittee provides a way for you to continue your association with the many friends you have made over the years and keep abreast of new developments in the Industry. Members participate in all phases of conference activities and assist paper authors in preparing papers for the conference.

Interested in Becoming an Emeritus Member?

Are you retired and interested in becoming a PCIC Emeritus Subcommittee member? You can assess your eligibility by comparing your PCIC experience with the READ ME FIRST and if you feel qualified submit your application by downloading and completing the PCIC Emeritus Subcommittee Application and returning it to the Emeritus Subcommittee Chair.

Engineers Development

Chair: Kayvon Mirdamadi

Vice Chair: Irina Vaseva

Secretary: Drew Tercek

The scope of the Engineers Development Subcommittee includes accelerating and enhancing the professional development of engineers and to encourage and enable engineers and first-time PCIC Conference attendees to become actively involved in the PCIC. The subcommittee also provides an avenue for experienced PCIC members to contribute to the professional development of young engineers.

Facilities Planning

Chair: Dean Ruiz

Vice Chair: Miriam Blazowski

Secretary:  [Open Position]

The primary objective of the Facilities Planning Subcommittee (FPS) is to provide hotel planning assistance to the Local Conference Committees so that PCIC can negotiate a contract from a position of strength.


Chair: Nicole Neuman

Vice Chair: Viorel Nica

Secretary: [Open Position]

Subcommittee includes Future Conference Chairs and their Finance Chairs

Members-at-large include PCIC Chair, PCIC Vice Chair, PCIC Facilities SC Chair, and all previous Local conference Committee Chairs, willing to serve, are considered members at large.

The mission of the Financial Subcommittee is to develop and maintain operating procedures for local conference committees that insure successful conferences and benefit the membership of the PCIC, while keeping within IEEE guidelines.

For information on conference budgeting, planning, closing, and audits; see the Google Drive folder here 


Chair: Rick Bried   

Vice Chair: Johnny Wynn 

Secretary: Jackie Sanders

The Historical Subcommittee is responsible for gathering, holding on to and maintaining the history of PCIC. While maintaining the current history of PCIC, these last few years have been spent organizing and filling in the historical voids that existed.

Through the generosity of Tom Shaw Jr. and Gene Fagan, the Historical Subcommittee has Conference Records that date back to 1966. After Tom Shaw’s father passed away, Tom donated his father’s Conference Records to PCIC for the years 1966 – 1981. Gene Fagan donated Conference Records for the years of 1982 – 1986. Prior to 1966, PCIC conference papers were loose (one would pick up papers he was interested in at the conference) – not bound as we now know them or in the 3-ring binder that was used from 1966 – 1981 (thanks to Jay Stewart for that piece of information).

Information Technology

Chair: Merisha Bily

Vice Chair: Nicholas Echevarria

Secretary: Derrick Robey

The Information Technology (IT) Subcommittee scope includes: 

  1. Manage and develop the PCIC web site
  2. Develop and maintain the PCIC IT operating manual policies and procedures (P&P’s)
  3. Interface with the Local Conference Committee to develop and manage the Local Conference Committee web site
  4. Maintain and archive all PCIC web files
  5. Coordinate and manage the PCIC purchased and leased computer hardware and software
  6. Manage PCIC List Serve email distribution list
  7. Manage PCIC Virtual Communities
  8. Establish strategies and guidelines for utilizing new IT technologies and social media for PCIC.


Chair: John Focke 

Vice Chair: Daniel Cochran 

Secretary: Jamie Stowe

The purpose of this committee is to:

1)    Cover all aspects of marketing for the PCIC.
2)    Take direct responsibility for PCIC Conference marketing and coordination with the Marketing Chair for each PCIC Conference.
3)    Make PCIC activities and accomplishments known within the industry through channels to reach individuals and companies that would benefit from participating or supporting the PCIC.
4)    Improve and expand the technical ability of the PCIC by attracting new talent with interests and commitment to the PCIC Mission.


Chair: Bill Stewart 

Vice Chair: Lana DeLeon 

Secretary: Craig Mouton

The role of the Membership Subcommittee scope includes:

  1. Maintain the PCIC Database with the most current contact information available for each member.
  2. Serve as the focal point for all subcommittee roster information.
  3. Generate updated subcommittee rosters with current contact information for each subcommittee.
  4. Maintain a roster of active conference participants; encourage new attendees; and inform potential attendees of PCIC activities
  5. Capture and report on PCIC roster demographics

IEEE Industry Application Society Membership

The Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee (PCIC) is part of the Process Industries Department of the Industry Applications Society (IAS) of IEEE. Information on IAS membership is available here.

Papers Review

Chair: Brant Cassimere 

Vice Chair: Paul Sullivan 

Associate Editors: Chris Heron, Sunny Gaidhu, Tim Monteith, Manish Verma, Brandon Cassimere, Atul Arunkumar

The role of the Papers Review Subcommittee is to review both the technical content of the PCIC papers, and the quality and content of the oral presentations at the conference. The subcommittee has a formal procedure for conducting these reviews and evaluations. As a result of this process, the subcommittee recommends to the PCIC Executive Subcommittee the six papers for PCIC Best Paper, PCIC Second Best Paper, PCIC Third Best Paper, and three PCIC Honorable Mention Paper awards, which are presented at the PCIC conference the following year. The subcommittee also uses the review process to select papers to recommend for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications and IEEE Industry Applications Magazine.

Get Involved

Calling all PCIC members…If you want to help ensure the PCIC technical program has quality papers and be part of the subcommittee that selects the prize papers, then you need to be a paper reviewer. You can volunteer to be a paper reviewer by attending the General Program and Technical Subcommittee meetings during the PCIC conference and volunteering to be a paper reviewer. You can also get involved in the paper review process by creating an account in ScholarOne and indicating your areas of interest. Many IEEE groups use ScholarOne for their paper review process. Once you have a ScholarOne account, you could help influence numerous IEEE papers from a variety of IEEE groups. To create your own ScholarOne account, go here and click on Register Here to get started.

PCIC Eugene J Fagan Fund

Chair: Dennis Bogh

The Fund is intended to support the activities, the visibility and the presence of IEEE, IAS and PCIC around the world, including addressing humanitarian efforts, the advancement and promotion of IEEE/PCIC-sponsored standards, educational activities, grants, research efforts, travel and related scholarships.


  1. Collect and select proposals for to support
  2. Monitor contributions, disbursements, fees and Fund balance


Chair: Mike Caruso
Vice Chair (Conference Record, Printed):  Ted Inbau
Vice Chair (Conference Mailer): Marty Cole

The purpose of this committee is to:
1) Work with the Technical Subcommittees to ensure all of the technical papers for the current year’s conference have been received with their copyright release forms and are Xplore compliant.
2) Manage all publication needs of the PCIC such as the PCIC Conference Record, mailers, CD’s and certain award certificates, and coordinate the information to insure consistency.
3) After the conference, send the required media information to IEEE Conference Publication Program
4) Register the PCIC Conference each year with IEEE and obtain the Letter of Acquisition


Chair: Nehad El-Sherif

Vice Chair: Lilly Fontenot

Secretary: Keith Lyles

The scope of the Sponsorship Subcommittee is to serve as an advisory and activity body that coordinates and supports all sponsorship activities of the PCIC Local Conference Committee and other PCIC Committees as delegated by the PCIC Chair.  They coordinate all sponsorship activities for PCIC, share sponsorship information for efficient and effective coordination between annual conference committees, identify and develop potential sponsorship resources, and identify resources to facilitate sponsorship activities. 


Chair: Jimmy Guerrero      

Vice Chair: Art Smith   

Vice Chair: Paul Becker

Secretary: Shelly DeGrate

The Standards Subcommittee offers an opportunity to keep abreast of what is happening in standards both in IEEE and in other worldwide standard organizations. In addition is serves as the PCIC originating body (Sponsor) to develop Standards, Recommended Practices, and Guides. Manage the IEEE Standards Association Project Authorization Request (PAR) process on behalf of PCIC. With rapid technology change and global harmonization, standards activity becomes increasingly important. The standards developed by PCIC can be found on IEEEXplore by clicking here.


Chair: Ray Crow

Vice Chair: Daleep Mohla

Secretary: Neeraj Bhatia

The Tutorials Subcommittee shall provide appropriate tutorials for continuing education following the annual PCIC conference. Prior to each annual conference, a call for tutorial proposals is opened here: Tutorial Proposal Form