Tutorial Proposal Form

All tutorial instructors are required to register for the PCIC conference

We are no longer accepting tutorial proposals for the 2020 conference. Please watch for a proposal request after the conference in the fall.


Lead Instructors submit proposals to Tutorial SC Chair November 1, 2019
Tutorial SC Chair notifies lead instructor of tutorial status January 31, 2020
Lead Instructor submits CV of all Instructors March 1, 2020
Lead Instructor submits finished tutorial for non-commercialism check August 15, 2020

The Tutorial Subcommittee strives to offer a tutorial slate that will appeal to a wide cross section of PCIC attendees depending upon their experience, discipline and responsibilities.  All tutorials are presented by subject matter experts and are intended to help experienced professionals update or refresh their knowledge base and to accelerate development of those new to the profession. The tutorial program is intended to provide all PCIC attendees with an opportunity to expand their PCIC experience, providing even more value as a result of their tutorial participation.

Any individual (s) interested in presenting a tutorial of topics relevant to PCIC attendees, is encouraged to fill out the form below. PCIC guidelines for non-commercialism available at the PCIC website are required to be followed for all presentations and handout materials. Due to limited time available for tutorials, tutorials shall be limited to four hours.
The Lead Instructor is responsible for submitting the completed form electronically to the Tutorial Subcommittee Chair.

Download PCIC 2020 Tutorial Proposal Form.