Technical Subcommittees


Chair: Jason Obermeyer

Vice Chair: Robbie McElveen

Secretary: Eric Chastain

The Chemical Technical Subcommittee provides a forum for IEEE PCIC members to communicate technical papers related to the production of chemicals.

Emerging Technologies

Chair:  Greg Clement

Vice Chair: Richard Anderson

Secretary: Masoud Hajiaghajani

Mission Statement: To advance electrical engineering technology, applications, technical papers and industry standards for emerging technologies within the petrochemical industry. The Emerging Technologies Technical Subcommittee provides an international forum to publish technical papers related to these topics at the annual PCIC conference.

Topics Include:

  1. Electrochemical
  2. Synthetic crude and fuels
  3. Biomass
  4. Oils sands
  5. Oil shale
  6. Methanol, ethanol and hydrogen
  7. LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)
  8. Other emerging technologies such as renewable energy


Chair: Allen Kachurowski 

Vice Chair: Rakan El-Mahayni

Secretary: Sidra Malik

The scope of the International Subcommittee is to provide technical sessions presented by non-North American authors that would be of interest to conference attendees with a purpose of bringing international participation to the North America PCIC Conference. The International Subcommittee is also helping to increase the awareness of PCIC outside North America. The following actions are performed by this Subcommittee:

  • To organize the PCIC International Technical Session with papers based in an international context, as example, based on the application of International Standards in the Oil and Gas Industry;
  • To provide guidance to organizations outside North America who wish to hold a conference similar to the IEEE IAS PCIC Conference.

Meeting Minutes
Historical Papers

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Marine Industry

Chair: Ethan Dong 

Vice Chair: Karen Johnson

Secretary: Clinton Roache

The Marine Industry Subcommittee (MIS) provides an opportunity to expand the technical transfer of information and standards between the petroleum industry and the marine industry. The MIS facilitates the use and understanding of the currently issued standards such as IEEE-45 dot series, IEEE 1580 and IEC/IEEE 80005. MIS has been a leader in harmonizing standards with IEC. MIS also provides for the necessary working groups to keep the IEEE standards current and develop new standards as needed.

The following Standards Working Groups are sponsored by the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee and operate under the Marine Industry Subcommittee:


Chair: Manish Verma

Vice Chair: Jeff Gaspar

Secretary: Dane Martindale

The Midstream Subcommittee deals with electrical questions involved with transportation and storage of petroleum and chemical materials. This includes controls, measurement, data handling, power systems, motors and drives associated with pipelines, tankage, valves and conveyors. Because many of the sites are remote or in sensitive locations, there are often interesting technical challenges to face.


Chair: Matthew Marchiano

Vice Chair: Brandon Cassimere

Secretary: Navid Binesh

The Production Technical Subcommittee provides a forum for IEEE PCIC members to communicate technical papers related to drilling, well head, and facilities operations of oil and gas wells.


Chair: Giovanni Parra

Vice Chair: Patrick Loupe

Secretary: Tony Acayan

The Refining Subcommittee provides an international forum for the exchange of electrical applications technology relevant to the refining industry through the annual PCIC conference and electronic methods.


Chair: Tony Parsons 

Vice Chair: Jim Phillips

Secretary: Albert Marroquin

The subcommittee was chartered in 1991 and has served to accelerate the dispersion of information and knowledge impacting electrical safety in the petroleum and chemical industry. Activities include:

  • Organizing the Safety General Session PCIC Conferences
  • Administering the PCIC Electrical Safety Excellence Award
  • Was the organizing sponsor of the Electrical Safety Workshop
  • Promoting awareness and participation in National Electrical Safety Month
  • Supporting the National Electrical Safety Foundation
  • Compilation of Electrical Safety Material Resources for the membership
  • Promoting the sharing of case histories of electrical-related incidents
  • Providing updates of regulations and standards – NFPA, OSHA, IEEE, API, etc.
  • Providing “take away”, useful information in the Subcommittee Meeting agenda

Historical Subcommittee Minutes and Reports can be found on the IEEE PCIC Safety Subcommittee Google Drive.