PCIC Awards History

PCIC presents several awards each year to outstanding individuals. For more information on these awards, please see PCIC Awards.


IEEE and PCIC are built upon the contributions of dedicated individuals through conference, society and industry activities.  One of the PCIC strategies is to seek opportunities for recognizing and rewarding members for their contributions.  Each year the PCIC Awards Luncheon provides a forum for recognizing those who have contributed to our industry both at the PCIC level and also at the Society level.

Listed below are the descriptions of IEEE and PCIC awards that have been presented or recognized at past conferences.

IEEE Awards

IEEE 1984 Centennial Medals

In commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of AIEE’s founding, the Institute created the 1984 Centennial Medals to recognize outstanding service to the Institute.

Samuel P. Axe                     Glen R. Griffith        Ralph H. Lee            Russell W. Mills

John P. Nelson                   Jay A. Stewart         Moon H. Yuen


IEEE Third Millennium Medal

As part of its celebration of the Third Millennium, the IEEE awarded approximately 3,000 Millennium Medals in 2000, to members selected by IEEE Societies, Sections, Regions and Major Boards for outstanding contribution in the respective areas of activity.  The Industry Applications Society recognized past Presidents of the Society and members who were past recipients of IEEE and IAS Awards.  Individuals active in PCIC who were recipients of Third Millennium Medals:

Austin H. Bonnett              Baldwin Bridger, Jr.          John R. Dunki-Jacobs     

Kimberly K. Eastwood      C. James Erickson             Eugene J. Fagan 

F. A. (Tony) Furfari Ronald M. Jackson John H. Kassebaum

Christine M. Kent               Al Kiener                               Ray Stratford


IEEE Standards Awards

International Award

This award may be presented annually to an IEEE-SA individual member who has made an extraordinary contribution to establishing the IEEE-SA as a world-class leader in standardization.

2006 – Ben C. Johnson, “For his vision and leadership in establishing the IEEE/IEC Dual Logo Agreement, and positioning IEEE as a leader in international standards development”

Standards Medallion

The Standards Medallion is awarded for major contributions to the development of standards.

1990 – L. Bruce McClung

1991 – Donald W. Zipse

1992 – Joseph S. Dudor

1995 – James M. Daly

1998 – Richard H. Hulett

2000 – Nicholas R. Rafferty

2001 – H. R. Stewart, Jr.

2001 – Richard L. Doughty

2003 – Lorraine K. Padden

2008 – Donald A. Voltz


Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is made annually to current member(s) or past member(s) of the IEEE-SA Standards Board to recognize distinguished service to the IEEE-SA based on major contributions to the standards development process.

1994 – Ben C. Johnson

2016 – Richard H. Hulett


Managing Director’s Special Recognition Award

The IEEE-SA Managing Director’s Special Recognition Award is presented “in appreciation of outstanding work that significantly benefits IEEE and IEEE-SA in the advancement of technology for humanity”   

2018 – Daleep C. Mohla


Joint Working Group Chair Award

The IEEE-SA International Joint Working Group Chair Award is presented to IEEE-SA Working Group Chairs and ISO, IEC, or ISO/IEC Working Group Chair counterparts in acknowledgment of the contributions made between IEEE and either ISO, IEC, or ISO/IEC during the development of a standard.  The award is issued automatically upon publication of the jointly developed standard.


Kevin Peterson – IEEE 80005-1-2012 – IEC/ISO/IEEE Utility Connections in Port – Part 1: High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) Systems – General requirements


Ben C. Johnson and Richard H. Hulett – IEEE 600079-30-1-2015 – IEC/IEEE International Standard – Explosive atmospheres – Part 30-1: Electrical heat trace heating – General and testing requirements

Ben C. Johnson and Richard H. Hulett – IEEE 60079-30-2-2015 – IEC/IEEE International Standard – Explosive atmospheres – Part 30-2: Electrical heat trace heating – Application guide for design, installation and maintenance


Kevin Peterson – IEEE 80005-2-2016 – IEC/IEEE Utility Connections in Port – Part 2: High and low voltage connection systems – Data communication for monitoring and control


Kevin Peterson – IEEE 80005-1-2019 – IEC/ISO/IEEE Utility Connections in Port – Part 1: High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) Systems – General requirements


IEEE Technical Field Awards

Richard Harold Kaufmann Award

IEEE Richard Harold Kaufmann Award was established by the IEEE Board of Directors in 1986 and named in honor of Richard Harold Kaufmann in memory of his many important contributions to industrial systems engineering and his dedicated service to the IEEE Industry Applications Society.

The Richard Harold Kaufman Award is presented to an individual or team of up to three persons for outstanding contributions in industrial systems engineering

1991 – John R. Dunki-Jacobs, “For contributions to the design and implementation of industrial power systems.”

1996 – Marcus O. Durham, “For development of theory and practice in the application of power systems in hostile environments.”

1999 – Baldwin Bridger, Jr., “For contributions to the design and application of power apparatus and to grounding practices for industrial commercial power systems.”

2001 – H. Landis Floyd, II, “For advancing the development and application of electrical safety technology, standards and work practices for industrial systems.”

2003 – Edward L. Owen, “For leadership in the development of synchronous and induction motors for a-c adjustable speed drives.”

2004 – Richard L. Nailen, “For outstanding contributions to the understanding of electric motor applications through technical writings, presentations and teaching.”

2011 – David D. Shipp, “For contributions to the design, analysis and protection of electric power systems and personnel in industrial and commercial applications.”

2012 – John P. Nelson, “For leadership in grounding and protection design and the advancement of the electrical safety culture.”

2015 – Charles J. Mozina, “For contributions to the electrical protection of synchronous generators.”

2018 – Greg C. Stone, “For advancements in rotating machines insulation evaluation and testing.”


Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award

The IEEE Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award was established by the Board of Directors in 1979.  It is presented to an individual for exceptional contributions to the development and/or advancement of standards in electrical and electronics engineering

1995 – L. Bruce McClung, “For leadership in defining, documenting, and standardizing safe electrical work practices.”

2002 – Ben C. Johnson, “For leadership in improving the responsiveness of the IEEE standards process to industry needs and developing international electric surface heating standards.”

2012 – Daleep C. Mohla, “For contributions to the preparation, dissemination and advocacy of consensus safety standards for operation and maintenance of industrial and commercial power systems.”

2018 – Craig M. Wellman, “For leadership in developing and promoting standards that enable arc hazard assessment and injury-risk mitigation.”


Medal for Engineering Excellence

The IEEE Medal for Engineering Excellence was established in 1986 by the IEEE Board of Directors to recognize “outstanding contributions in the application of engineering to a product, system, service, program or project, for the benefit of the public and engineering profession.”  It may be presented annually to an individual and team of not more than three.  The award was discontinued in 2009.

1996 – John R. Dunki-Jacobs, “For a career devoted to the development of and contributions to the engineering and implementation of industrial power systems.”

1998 – C. James Erickson, “For engineering contributions to the technology of industrial process heating and associated control systems, and development of related standards.”

2001 – L. Bruce McClung, “For pioneering application of technology and standards leading to improved safety of industrial electrical systems.”

2004 – Richard L. Doughty, H. Landis Floyd, II and Thomas E. Neal, “For pioneering development of empirical models for predicting electric arc incident energy, and development of protective clothing classes based upon layering of flame resistant fabrics.”


Nikola Tesla Award

The IEEE Nikola Tesla Award was established in 1975 through an agreement between the IEEE Power Engineering Society and the IEEE Board of Directors.

The Award is named in honor of Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer, a distinguished Yugoslav-American inventor, and a pioneer in many fields, who is most renowned for the development of the coil that bears his name and the a-c induction motor.

The award is presented to an individual or a team of up to three for outstanding contributions to the generation and utilization of electric power.

2003 – Austin H. Bonnett, “For leadership in the development and application of design standards, maintenance technology, and operating practices to optimize induction motor performance.”


IAS Awards

Andrew W. Smith Outstanding Young Member Achievement Award

IAS Andrew W. Smith Outstanding Young Member Achievement Award, established in 1996, (renamed in 2009, 2015), recognizes outstanding achievement and contribution to the profession through involvement in IEEE IAS activities by an IAS member less than 35 years of age.

1996 – Christine M. Kent

1999 – Kimberly K. Eastwood


Distinguished Service Award

IAS Distinguished Service Award, first presented in 1988, recognizes an individual for dedication and service to the IEEE Industry Applications Society.

1994 – Eugene J. Fagan

1996 – John H. Kassebaum

1999 – Baldwin Bridger, Jr.

2003 – Andrew W. Smith

2013 – H. Landis Floyd, II


Outstanding Achievement Award

IAS Outstanding Achievement Award, first presented in 1969, honors an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in the application of electricity to industry in accordance with the scope of the IEEE Industry Applications Society.

1976 – Ralph H. Lee

1984 – Russell W. Mills

1995 – C. James Erickson

1996 – Austin H. Bonnett

2001 – L. Bruce McClung


Outstanding Young Member Service Award

IAS Outstanding Young Member Service Award, established in 2015, recognizes outstanding service and contribution to the profession through involvement in IEEE IAS activities by an IAS member less than 35 years of age.

No one from PCIC . . .  yet


PCIC Awards

PCIC Russell W. Mills Award

The highest PCIC award, its coveted Certificate of Appreciation, was initiated in 1969.  The Certificate of Appreciation was renamed the Russell W. Mills Award in 1985, in honor of Russ Mill’s many contributions to the PCIC.  This award is presented “in recognition of outstanding dedication and service to furthering the objectives of the PCIC.”

1969               Max H. Halderson              Phillips Petroleum Company

1969               John J. Sonnier                  Shell Pipe Line Corporation

1970               W. H. Dickinson                  Esso Research & Engineering

1972               Russell W. Mills                  Reliance Electric Company

1973               George B. Jamison            Crouse-Hinds Company

1974               Franklin P. Gertson           Texas Eastern Transmission Company

1976               William E. Burpee              The Badger Company

1978               Thomas R. Shaw                Phillips Petroleum Company

1979               Samuel P. Axe                     Atlantic Richfield Company

1980               Arthur F. Vieweg                Flour Engineers and Constructors

1982               Jay A. Stewart                     FMC Corporation

1983               Wayne L. Moser                  Amoco Chemicals Corporation

1985               Eugene J. Fagan                E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. Inc.

1989               Ronald M. Jackson            UNOCAL Corporation

1991               David C. Azbill                     Shell Oil Company

1992               Frank P. Hogan                  Killark Electric Manufacturing Company

1993               Andrew W. Smith               E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. Inc.

1994               J. Robert Zahn                    Reliance Electric Company – Retired

1995               John H. Kassebaum          Eli Lilly & Company – Retired

1996               William H. Levers               Chevron U.S.A – Retired

1997               Thomas P. Pearson           ARCO Exploration & Production Technology

1998               John R. Dwyer                    Appleton Electric – Retired

1999               Ben C. Johnson                 Thermon Manufacturing Co.

2000               Richard L. Doughty           E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. Inc.

2001               Bill McCarty                         Valero

2002               Quent Reynolds                 Rockwell Automation

2003               John E. Propst                    Shell – Retired       

2004               Bill Casper                           Rockwell Automation

2005               Jim Hill                                  The Dow Chemical Company

2006               Scott Shannon                   Aramco Services

2007               Paul Myers                           INEOS

2008               Danny Liggett                      E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. Inc.

2009               Richard H. Hulett                Thermon Industries

2010               Kimberly K. Eastwood      Thermon Industries

2011               H. Landis Floyd, II              E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. Inc.

2012               Timothy Driscoll                 OBIEC Consulting

2013               James Rozsits                    Rockwell Automation

2014               Rick Bried                            Shell Pipeline Co. LP – Retired

2015               John Nelson                        NEI Electrical Power Engineering

2016               L. Bruce McClung              Union Carbide Corporation – Retired

2017               Donald Dunn                       Consultant

2018               Daleep C. Mohla                 DCM Electrical Consulting

2019               Louis Barrios                      Shell Projects & Technology


PCIC Outstanding Emeritus Award

The PCIC Outstanding Emeritus Award was established in 1991 to recognize Emeritus members for noteworthy post-retirement contributions to the PCIC, IAS, IEEE or the public at large.  The Award is primarily based on contributions made after the individual attains PCIC Emeritus status.  The contributions may be technical, administrative or humanitarian in nature and include, but are not limited to participation in the Emeritus contribution to the annual PCIC Technical Conference.

1991 – William H. Levers

1992 – Edgar F. Merrill

1993 – Everett E. Karsten

1995 – William H. Levers

1996 – Herbert H. Hickock, Jr.

1997 – Glenn R. Griffith

1998 – Richard L. Nailen

1999 – Eugene J. Fagan

2000 – C. James Erickson

2001 – F. A. (Tony) Furfari

2002 – Donald W. Zipse

2003 – Andrew W. Smith

2006 – Austin H. Bonnett

2007 – Baldwin Bridger, Jr.

2008 – John E. Propst

2009 – Bruce McClung

2010 – Daleep C. Mohla

2011 – Leo Berg

2012 – Rick Bried

2013 – Gary L. Donner

2014 – D. Ray Crow

2015 – Timothy Driscoll

2016 – Craig M. Wellman

2017 – Bill Casper

2018 – Jim Hill

2019 – Chester L. Sandberg


PCIC David C. Azbill Award

The David C. Azbill Award was established in 1996 to recognize Dave Azbill’s many efforts in PCIC sponsored standards activities.  This award is presented in “recognition of extraordinary contributions to Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee sponsored standards.”

1997 – Ben C. Johnson

1998 – H. R. Stewart

1999 – Richard L. Doughty

2001 – Richard H. Hulett

2003 – Nicholas R. Rafferty

2004 – Dusty Brown

2006 – Lorraine L. Padden

2007 – Daleep C. Mohla

2008 – Gary L. Donner

2009 – Donald A. Voltz

2010 – Travis Griffith

2011 – Craig M. Wellman

2012 – Wayne Williams

2013 – L. Bruce McClung

2014 – Bill Lockley

2015 – Barry M. Wood

2017 – Paul S. Hamer

2018 – Kevin Peterson

2019 – John Turner

PCIC Electrical Safety Excellence Award

The Electrical Safety Excellence Award was established in 1999 for “outstanding dedication and contributions to advance and accelerate the dispersion of information and knowledge impacting electrical safety through activities within the PCIC.”

1999 – H. Landis Floyd, II

2000 – L. Bruce McClung

2001 – Ray A. Jones

2002 – Satish Chaparala

2003 – Dr. Mary Capelli-Schellpfeffer

2004 – Danny Liggett

2005 – Bill Jordan

2006 – David Pace

2008 – Thomas E. Neal

2009 – Shahid Jamil

2010 – D. Ray Crow

2011 – Jim White

2012 – Daniel Doan

2013 – Michael Doherty

2014 – Daleep C. Mohla

2015 – Craig M. Wellman

2017 – Kevin Lippert

2018 – Dennis Neitzel

2019 – John P. Nelson


PCIC Outstanding Technical Contribution Award

The Outstanding Technical Contribution Award was established in 2005 “to recognize dedicated technical contribution to the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee.”

2006 – Bill Lockley

2007 – Paul S. Hamer

2008 – Gary Donner

2009 – Craig M. Wellman

2010 – Jim Bowen

2011 – Roy Cossè

2012 – Royce King

2013 – Meredith Stranges

2014 – Daniel Doan

2015 – Bill Finley

2016 – Donald Dunn

2017 – Chuck Yung

2018 – Robert A. Durham

2019 – John A. Kay


PCIC Outstanding Young Professional Achievement Award

The PCIC Outstanding Young Professional Achievement Award was established in 2019 “to recognize the services and contributions of a young professional, age thirty-five years and younger, to the IEEE IAS Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee.”

2019 – Clifton Oertli